Carballeira: 75 years on the high seas

  • The emblematic restaurant located a few meters from the sea, just in front of the Port Vell, celebrates three quarters of a century faithful to its cuisine focused on the product, the vocation of service and exquisite treatment.

  • After some subtle improvements in the space, Carballeira continues to address lovers of good food, while wanting to be a meeting place for those who want to pass and bite something in the bar.

  • True to its premium seafood and fish specialties, the renewed gastronomic offer incorporates new cooking and products, as well as organic wines that harmonize with all dishes


    In today’s Barcelona, ​​Carballeira is a delicious oasis in which history and modernity go hand in hand. Galician in spirit and Barcelonan at heart, the legendary seafood restaurant celebrates 75 years faithful to the gastronomic tradition that elevated it as one of the favorite restaurants of Barcelonans and travelers.

    After its founding in 1944, when it began as Mr. Millán, consolidated himself as a reference in the city. His first clients were high-ranking officials and soldiers of the time who arrived attracted by the exquisite seafood that landed daily from Galicia.

    In 2010 a change of ownership takes place when José Ignacio Izquierdo, a loyal customer of Carballeira, moved by a feeling of nostalgia, affection and enthusiasm, decides to buy the restaurant with his wife Gemma Llagostera and other partners, keeping intact the pillars of his success: from the top quality product to the excellence in service, ensured by attentive waiters with years of experience in the house.
    Later, the photographer and publicist Leopoldo Pomés joined the project with his gastronomic advice and artistic contribution: the restaurant rooms have numerous photos that the author took in the 50s in Barceloneta, as the famous snapshot of the Port of Barcelona captured in 1953 from the same Carballeira building.

    Currently, under the direction of Ángel Alonso and together with Pedro Sánchez as chef, Carballeira begins a new stage whose starting pistol shot coincides with its 75th anniversary. After a series of improvements in the space and in its gastronomic proposal, Carballeira continues to address lovers of good food, seafood and premium fish, while wanting to be a relaxed meeting place and open to those who, in his air, they want to pass and bite something.

    To do this, the bar has been updated to become a more casual and welcoming space, the perfect place to taste dishes and half portions with a more flexible staging that allows you to taste the best of the sea at any time.

    True to specialties such as Betanzos tortilla, octopus a feira, oysters, barnacles or their rice, among other classics, the new proposal incorporates new cooking and products such as Alaska red salmon, prawn and cod carpaccios or different km 0 fish cooked on the grill, as well as vegetarian options, being highly recommended to always look at the dishes “off the menu”.
    Following the typical and traditional recipe, the menu maintains the seafood specialties betting on the product: seafood and wild fish from the coasts of the Atlantic, Cantabrian and Mediterranean, with minimal manipulation to respect as much as possible their original properties, with the sole aim of highlighting its taste.
    The wine list has expanded and evolved into a more current offering, clearly betting on the D.O. Galician and Catalan, without renouncing the national classics. In addition, priority is given to the almost familiar wineries that give the wine the added value of love for a job well done, while incorporating some references of organic broths in line with all dishes.

    Another of the main values ​​of the restaurant is its staff, part of the essence and history of Carballeira. Excellent connoisseurs of what seduces the regular customer and with the intuition necessary to know how to advise those who come for the first time, the room staff completes the customer experience with their professionalism and attention. Some of them, as is the case of Luis, Benito or Enrique, accumulate about three decades in the house.

    A meeting place for generations of Barcelonians to witness to emotional celebrations and a living memory of the city, Carballeira celebrates three quarters of a century in full form, ready to evolve without losing its history.


Galician Spirit, Barcelona’s heart

Located in the old port of Barcelona, in the Barceloneta district, on the shores of the Mediterranean and nourished by the product of the rich Galician coasts, Carballeira stands as a delicious restaurant and seafood restaurant. The product and the vocation of service are your best signs of identity. A meeting point for generations of Barcelonans, illustrious figures from the fields of art, entertainment, sports and politics such as Quim Monzó, Eugenio, Montserrat Caballé and Mick Jagger have also passed through its halls.





Associació de Comerciants Porxos del Port,

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Associació de Comerciants Porxos del Port,

PLA DE PALAU 21, entresòl,

08003, Barcelona